These Small Business Marketing Designs Will Help Secure Clients


Small businesses are a booming concern, with more than thirty million small businesses in the United States alone.

That makes up over 99% of all businesses in the US.

That’s a pretty amazing statistic, but just the fact that there are tons of small businesses out there doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is guaranteed success with their own venture. In fact, only about half of all small businesses survive into their fifth year.

A great deal of what dictates success for a small business revolves around well-designed marketing, focusing on customer relations and gaining new customers. Here are three small business marketing strategies specifically designed to help businesses continue to grow, client after client.

Choose Strong Visuals That Reflect Your Brand

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the visuals that you choose for your brand have a significant impact on the success of your marketing. Statistics indicate that 90% of the information that our brain actually process is visual. And we’re much more likely to retain visual information than we are oral or written content.

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Choose visuals that reflect your brand in every aspect of your content. You may start with logo designs that work as effective ambassadors to your brand.

The standards that you set for your visuals should follow a style guide that accurately communicates your brand identity. Everything from the color palette to the font choices, to the layouts and graphic styles, should fit harmoniously within the footprint of your brand.

Strong visuals that reflect your brand accurately gather more interest, are remembered more readily, and communicate effectively with potential clients.

SEO-Rich Blog Content

Search engine optimization is an important concern for making sure your website is found by Google and other browsers. Experts suggest that blogging is the key to effective SEO.

This makes sense for a number of reasons. For one thing, your actual website content is much more likely to be static. It will be updated occasionally, rather than every day. Blogs, on the other hand, give you a lot more opportunities include SEO keywords.

As a matter of fact, websites that have blogs linked to them actually tend to have up to 434% more indexed pages, which gives Google tons of content to crawl through, index, and link to as a useful resource.

The nature of blogging also lends itself to SEO keywords more naturally. Because keywords, especially longtail keywords, can be detailed or in the form of a question, it can be difficult to fit them organically into website content.

If you don’t have the time to regularly update content yourself, look into hiring a blogger to do it for you. The more useful content you post to your company website, the more interest you generate, and the better the return on your marketing strategy.

Usable content, updated regularly, demonstrates to potential clients that your company is worth investigating.

Cross-Platform Social Media Marketing

Social media is becoming an expected way for brands to communicate with their customers. In fact, more than one in every three internet users state that they turn to social media in order to find out more about a brand.

So creating and maintaining social media profiles for your small business will already open you up to communication with potential new clients.

small business marketing


But social media marketing is more effective when used as a combination marketing effort. Rather than just posting content on one platform, modify and adapt your content and post across all available platforms. Link back to your site or to your blog. Mine your blog for quotable content to use as visuals for posting.

And remember that social media is created to facilitate sociability. Start and continue conversations with clients and potential clients. Reach out for connections.

Cross-platform cooperative marketing reaches more possible clients and allows your small business make a personal connection.

Marketing And Small Business Success

It’s a fact that there’s a significant element of risk in opening a small business. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to lessen the danger.

With smart marketing designed for small businesses, you can reach a bigger audience and convert consumers into clients.


Brianna Jensen is a content specialist who curates, writes and promotes content for online businesses. Connect with her to discover a world of content types, fit for your organizational needs.

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