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Hartford Web Design is recognized as one of Connecticut’s leading providers in web design services. We have the tools and skills to create a site that conveys your vision and message in a meaningful way. We know how to design websites that work well and look even better. It will be custom made to your specifications and needs, as we will analyze your customer base, as well as your competition. After all, we want your brand and personal preferences to shine through on a website that is uniquely yours! No matter the size of your business, whether it be a small business, non-profit, or large corporation, we have the tools to create the website you want and need.

During your initial consultation with our web design firm, we will work to understand your business and the services it provides. We want to understand everything your company has to offer so we can properly display your services to potential clients. We want people to understand what your business is truly about. Not only that, but we want to grasp who your target market is, as well as who your competition is. This will help to guide us on how we will go about branding and designing your site through symbols an imagery.

Once we know exactly how we will go about your site’s design, we will work with you to understand each of the goals you have, so we understand them early on. We want to know where you are now, and then we will help you take the steps to get where you’d like to be. The solution we design will encompass all your goals, then we will work to exceed all of those goals. Setting clear expectations will mean that we can finish your project in a satisfactory manner that means we will not have to make many changes after our original design processes.

Finally, we will work clearly and efficiently, communicating with you, as needed, to create a website that exceeds all your expectations. Your website will be unique to your company and will allow you to grow as an online leader in your given industry. Our personal approach to website design will optimize your website to produce growth for your company.

Responsive Web Design

A decade ago, websites only needed to be designed for desktop computers, as mobile devices were rare for the general public. Today, mobile devices are a part of everyday life and your website should serve them efficiently. Many internet users will leave websites frustrated if they have to zoom and pan too much, instead of being able to easily navigate a mobile site. Therefore, you’ll want to create a responsive website design that will allow your website to work on all different platforms, thus promoting people to utilize your services.
Previously, creating a website that was accessible to people on different platforms meant creating multiple websites for each device, some in landscape, and some in portrait orientation. A responsive web design approach allows a website to fit all different orientations and shape sizes and resolutions to make your site easy to use. While responsive website design can take more time and effort initially, it is well worth the payoff when you get more business because people are thrilled with your site and know that your services will be the same way.

Thus, responsive website design is crucial to website design in 2019 and is something to keep in mind and bring up with us as you plan your site.

Accessibility Website Design

In today’s day and age, you should want your website to be designed in a manner that will suit as many people as possible. This includes people with a wide range of disabilities, from those with vision and hearing loss to those with learning difficulties, cognitive limitations, speech difficulties, and more. All people deserve to access the internet, so RIWEB has the knowledge to work with W3C standards for accessibility. To learn more about what accessibility in web design and app development means, visit https://w3.org.

Here at Hartford Web Design, we understand that you don’t want to task just anyone with working to make your site accessible for as many demographics as possible. Therefore, we work with reliable strategic partners to focus our time and attention on working to create your site as you’d like it. The strategic partners we work with are experts in the technology needed for assisting with and creating accessibility testing and certification for your site. Rest assured, if you are investing in accessibility services, we will make sure your website is done right.

We recognize that it is not always affordable to make your company’s website accessible. However, if you aim to serve as many people as possible and you have the financial means to do so, please consider reaching out to work with us to pursue accessible website design. We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, as published by W3C.

Contact one of our web design or digital marketing experts for a free consultation.  You’ll be pleased with the results.

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