For many business owners, especially small business owners, it can be difficult to make the transition from traditional marketing and commerce to e-commerce.  But companies that fail to endorse and use e-commerce will find themselves falling behind, with lesser profits to show for their efforts.  Therefore, at Hartford Web Design, we are devoted to creating an affordable, customizable option that will serve as an appropriate option for your company’s needs now, and long-term. 

Our goal is to help your e-commerce solution look good and work even better.  Therefore, we combine design and technology to make sure that your e-commerce system can effectively list merchandise, take orders, process payments, and deliver products, all through the internet system.  We want your e-commerce solution to work smoothly for you so that you can manage the system by yourself after we help to develop it. 

Your e-commerce system should drive success and sales.  Therefore, you should have both an e-commerce system, as well as a website that will help generate results that will bring in monetary achievements.  We are trendsetters in website design and e-commerce site-building, and we are looking forward to working with you to develop a new system. 

Here at Hartford Web Design, we have discovered that open-source e-commerce systems are secure and efficient solutions.  They are easy to work with and simply to integrate with systems including Amazon and eBay.  Open-source e-commerce systems include giants such as Magento and WooCommerce, as well as Joomla and nopCommerce, all of which operate .php or .net capabilities.  Each of these services offers individualized solutions that will make e-commerce easy for you, as the business owner, and for customers.  They also allow each of the systems to be entirely custom made.  Below we have a comprehensive list of each e-commerce option we are familiar with.  If you come prepared with information about which system may be best for you, we can make the development process easy and painless. 


WooCommerce is an easy-to-use, customizable e-commerce design platform that works underneath its parent content management system, WordPress.  Thus, if your business is already operating a WordPress website, WooCommerce is the most straight-forward way to implement e-commerce.  Because it is an open-source platform, we take care of all your hosting needs, so you wouldn’t need to worry about hosting the site yourself, though you would have the freedom to make changes as desired.  WooCommerce is also an affordable option, so if you are a smaller company operating WordPress, WooCommerce is a fantastic e-commerce option. 


Magento is a high-end, flexible e-commerce option operating within Adobe Commerce Cloud.  It is customizable in many manners, and is easy to operate with other third-party systems, which makes it unique in its ability to add complexity.  Magento, as an open-source system, is most easily utilized by e-commerce and site building professionals, like those here at Hartford Web Design.  We recommend Magento for medium- to large-sized businesses who want extensive e-commerce capabilities for high commercial output.  Because Magento has so many options, it is a more expensive e-commerce service, which is why larger companies usually prefer it, in comparison with smaller businesses. 


Joomla is a content management system that has its own e-commerce integration through third-party extensions, such as VirtueMart, Mojo, and j2store.  You will need to purchase licensing software to run e-commerce on a Joomla site, though it still offers open-source capabilities.  Our web designers will design and implement the system for you, and then you will have the ability to update it on your own.  Joomla is a PHP network that is stable and easy-to-operate.  If your company is already operating Joomla as your CMS and/or for your e-commerce needs, we are more than happy to continue to implement that software.


nopCommerce is an ASP e-commerce system that is easy to use and build, for us as developers, and you as a business owner.  nopCommerce is an affordable e-commerce option that still has extensive functionality- and at a much lower price than many other options.  For small businesses that would like a Microsoft e-commerce system, without breaking the bank, nopCommerce is the best option. 

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