You’re not your competition. You have your own skills and strengths, your own character and personality.  It is essential that you use those skills and strengths as a part of your brand so that you can establish your own place in the market.  You want your brand to relect your business in a positive light so everyone knows what you’re truly all about.   Your brand should then be visible on all your marketing materials, from your website to your business cards and logo.  To compete online today, your brand should be special and individualized to best connect with your target audience. 

Hartford Web Design has branding experts who will work with you to design your logo and successfully develop your brand.  You will want your audience to see that your business is different in a positive way, such that they will not be able to resist using your services.  You should rely on experts to strategically plan and develop your brand identity, so your style will match your wanted image. 

When you choose to work with Hartford Web Design, we will take a look at your current brand and perform a full website and brand audit.  We will evaluate your brand presence as it is now and work with you to develop what you’d like it to look like in the future.   We will also evaluate your competition and their brand presence to understand in what ways you can grow to surpass their appearances online. 

Our goal is to create a unique marketing and branding solution that will make sure you are getting across your message in the right way and to your target audience.  So many companies are looking to branch out and use many media sources to appeal to potential customers, so you must have a plan to stand out from your competition.  Therefore, we will work with you to lay out a step-by-step plan of everything our marketing and branding experts will do to make your website’s design as stellar as possible.  After all, we want your website and branding products to stand out to your audience. 

To produce the results you’d like, we rely on a professional marketing and public relations team that will help you position your company well to reach your long-term goals.  In doing so, we will provide you with resources and materials to shift your business towards growth for the better.  These materials include everything from logos to advertisements, website animation, and email listings.  Once we’ve developed your site and materials, we can come up with a marketing and PR plan to help your company grow. 

Our goal is to help you create a strong brand so that you have a significant advantage in the marketplace.  We want to improve your image, as consumers will begin to recognize your brand and rely on it.  If you are looking for this kind of success and customer satisfaction, contact us to get started. 


Animation is the “X” factor that will bring more visitors to your site and engage them so that you are retaining more traffic than ever before.  Properly created animation will bring your site to life and speak positively about your business on your behalf.  Hartford Web Design specializes in website animation that will make your website stand out.  Our developers create SEO-friendly animation, which is easily indexed by any and every search engine.  We have the experience it takes to create a custom solution that will exceed all your wishes. 

Our team at Hartford Web Design has over a decade of experience with 2D and 3D web animation.  We have worked with Sesame Street and Disney Studios, and today, have a wealth of knowledge about multiple animation systems.  Working with a web designer on animation does not have to be painful.  Here are some tips to help guide you through the process!

While Flash animation is no longer a common or useful animation platform, we have experience with animation systems including JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.  We understand complex coding and will work with you to create animation exactly as you would like to see it.  Our skills will ensure that your animation works across all devices.  Investing in your brand through animation can be costly initially but will eventually lead to increased business growth. 

The animators and programmers at Hartford Web Design are ready to help your website stand out through web animation.  We want your site to look and feel unique.  Let us help! 

Today, we use Adobe Animation software to create interactive apps, games, and websites.  We use this system to add variety and aesthetics to your online content, with the hopes of increasing traffic.  Contact us today about starting on a project, from a game to a website, we have the skills to help your company stand out! 

Contact one of our web design or digital marketing experts for a free consultation.  You’ll be pleased with the results.

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