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Hartford Web Design, through exceptional design, content creation, marketing assistance and technological expertise, offers a full range of professional web-based services to help you build an internet presence that will grow your business or organization to new and exciting levels—and as a bonus we’ll do it quickly and cost-effectively. Among our services are:

Web Design​

We are one of Connecticut’s leading providers in web design services. We have the tools and skills to create a site that conveys your vision and message in a meaningful way. We know how to design websites that work well and look even better.


Local or Global, we can rank your website with SEO optimized content. We begin with an SEO audit to provide a benchmark for performance. Our services are content-driven, with a strong focus on technical SEO.

Application Development

We are a home for developers who are experts in web application development and are ready to help you build any apps you may need. Our developers have many years of experience building custom applications that stand alone or integrate seamlessly.


Turn your website into a profit center! Our team is ready to help your company find a custom E-commerce website solution that allows for unlimited business growth. We work hard to develop custom solutions that will best suit your current needs and long-term goals.

Social Media​​

We manage your social media. Our team will post on your behalf on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. We don't recycle content, and we manage each profile with a unique voice. Don't have profiles? Don't worry; we'll set you up.​

Content Marketing​

We make sure the content of your site is well-written and fresh at all times. Therefore, updating your content is very important so that visitors will stay interested in your business. Hartford Web Design has experts who can help you develop your content and keep it up-to-date. ​

Branding & Animation

Our designers specialize in design and web animation. We provide your business with graphic design solutions that enhance your brand, whether for your website, printed materials, or social media posts.

Multilingual Website Design

If you need a web designer as you look towards business expansion, you’ve come to the right place! We are here to provide you with guidance regarding multilingual website design, as well as information and instruction about how to go about translation and localization.


Our team of professional PPC analysts is at your fingertips, expertly managing day to day of each campaign. A successful PPC campaign drives clicks and conversions while continually optimizing bids. Let our team do the work while you reap the rewards.

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Through one-on-one consultation, we compose a plan that will boost traffic, enhance your online image, and boost overall sales. 

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After we complete the project, our team can also assist you with the creation and execution of a strategic marketing plan to maximize the ROI of your investment.

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Our involvement means that the final deliverable is well designed, well documented and fully functional. 

Our professionals will ensure that you and your customers are happy with your final product.  After all, our goal is to help your business grow so ours can too! 

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With thousands of plugins and themes and millions of WordPress web developers actively creating websites, WordPress is the best platform for a small business. In fact, WordPress holds a 60% market share for content management systems on sites with a known CMS.  Read more 

A website redesign can be a simple process, or a much more detailed one, depending on the last time your website was updated. You may need to update your content management system’s software and the images on your site, or you may need to overhaul your entire website. If it has been more than five years since you updated your site, chances are, there are some significant changes to be made. You will want to make sure your website is using the latest web design trends. That your site looks clean and modern, works with mobile devices, modern browsers, and is secure. If that is not the case, your company should be considering investing in a website redesign.

With the web developing at an incredibly fast rate, keeping your website updated with the latest web design trends is crucial to your company’s success online. Planning your website redesign should be part of the annual marketing strategy. You will want to spend time doing research and budgeting for that next major website upgrade. It can take three months to a year to redesign a website, you need to plan your next website redesign continuously, or it is easy to get outdated.

At a minimum, once a year you should get a stylistic refresh to keep your website looking new and fresh. A stylistic update can include minor modifications to colors, graphics, and adjustments to the styles and theme of your website. This update could be an affordable option if your website were designed using industry standards for web development, including responsive coding, CSS, and clean HTML. If not, you might need to scrap your site for a full redesign.

A regular website redesign should be part of the marketing budget of every successful company. Sometimes, it can feel impossible to keep up with the latest web design trends! This propensity for change especially applies to new website design, as capabilities and standards are always being refined and advanced to create a better overall user experience. Chances are if your website hasn’t been updated and redesigned in the last few years, it probably needs an overhaul.

Optimizing your website for voice search has become one of the hottest web design trends. Voice searches have increased from the popularity of home speakers like Alexa, Google, Cortana, and Siri. This fact has put the importance of structured data front and center for web developers. Structured data is content on sites that have been marked up with code that search engines can quickly scan and read. Therefore, voice search assistants, such as Alexa, can browse through structured data rapidly to provide answers to people who ask common questions. Unstructured data, including text and HTML, is less helpful since computers have difficulty identifying essential details.

Previously, only sites that had e-commerce capabilities were pushed to secure their websites to prevent financial information from being leaked to hackers. However, private information is all over the Internet, in many forms. Security your site is now a web design trend for all websites. If you don’t make your website secure, it could affect your ability to get traffic and keep your customers and business safe.

Here are the top five most obvious signs that your website is failing and you probably need a total website redesign:

  1. Your website has low-quality images that are only suitable for low-resolution monitors. Most modern web designs have images that are optimized and look good on both large screens and small mobile devices. It’s time to scrap those low-resolution graphics and upgrade your site.
  2. When you visit the website on mobile devices, you need to zoom and pan to see and read your content. Today more than half of website traffic is done on mobile phones or devices. If your site is hard to read or navigate, you will lose customers.
  3. If your site takes forever to load its time to start over with a new website. Old websites can get bogged down with heavy graphics and outdated code. Search engines and people have little patience when it comes to slow websites. If your site is slow to load, it won’t rank in search engines, and people who stumble on it won’t stay long.
  4. You need to contact your web designer each time you want to add or modify content. Businesses that depend on web designers to update a site’s content usually have an old, outdated website because it costs a fortune to make any changes. Today’s modern websites have affordable content management systems that make it possible for nontechnical people to make updates. It’s time to invest in one.
  5. When you visit your website, you see all kinds of security warnings from your browser or security software. You need a website that is 100% secure if your customers are going to trust that it is safe for them to use. If your site gets hacked, you and your customers might download ransomware or a virus that will compromise your computer and financial information. Get a new website and secure hosting service to avoid embarrassment and potential legal jeopardy if your business is responsible.

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