Build an audience of followers with free Facebook page likes

Free Facebook page likes

Follow these techniques and get free Facebook page likes and followers.

Once you’ve created a page on Facebook, the next logical step is to get free Facebook page likes and grow a following. Generally speaking, the more people that follow or like you on Facebook, the more exposure your business will get. After all, if no one sees your message, you’re probably not going to get sales, so it’s essential to build an audience of potential customers.

There are many things you can do to increase your following and get free likes on facebook. Often you can leverage the power of other online assets you’ve built to reach these goals. Today, we’re going to reveal some strategies you can use to create an audience by getting free likes on Facebook:

1) Link your profile to your page and get free Facebook page likes.

If you’re active on Facebook, chances are you’ve also established a personal profile that goes hand in hand with your brand. If you don’t mind associating your name with the name of your business, one easy way to get free likes is to connect the two. The simplest way to link your profile to your business page is to fill in the “work” category and drop a link to it your page.

Doing so is rather straightforward. Navigate to your page, find the “work and education” section, then select your business page as your place of employment. That’s all there is to it! Just make sure you set your Facebook page permissions to public, and you’re good to go.

2) Invite everyone you know to like your Facebook page.

Many feel asking your friends to like your Facebook business page is shameful. They believe it is necessary to earn likes and followers with quality posts, photos, videos, and content. It doesn’t count if you invite friends and family to like the page. It’s like asking your mother for a review. Of course, she will give you a good one, even if you just got out of jail for some federal crime.

While this may be true, I can’t think of a better reason why you need to ask friends to like your page. Likes are similar to reviews; we all look at them when considering if we should follow a page or not on Facebook. They are social proof that you are doing a good job. If you don’t have likes, it is harder to get likes and so on. So drop your ego and start asking your friends and family to like your page.

3) Customize your message and invite friends and family to do you a favor and like your page.

When you invite close friends and family to like your page, send it with a personal message. Include a plea to do you a personal favor to like your page. Make it a custom message, so they see you are sincere and not just sending out another dreaded mass email.

4) Give them a template to invite their friends.

If you have ever run for office before or volunteered for a political campaign, you may have sent a dear friend card. It’s how friends invite friends to vote for public officials. This approach works wonders when the public official is a newbie without a tarnished reputation. This method also works with a new Facebook page. An invitation to like a Facebook page is just like a dear friend card.

The template could be as simple as:

Dear [insert name],
My friend [name] has just launched a Facebook page [page name] on [page topic].
I know that the page will have fantastic videos, photos, and posts covering [page topic]. Also, please consider trying the services and or products that they are offering at [insert your company name and location] Unlike the competition, they are community focused and want to make a difference.  Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Your Friend 

John Doe

5) Promote your page by asking for free Facebook page likes on your website.

Most business owners also have a website that’s receiving search engine traffic. Why not take advantage of this to get free Facebook page likes well?

The most convenient way of doing this is to add a Facebook “like” button to every piece of content you post. That way, your visitors will be able to “like” your content without ever needing to leave your website.

6) WordPress can install Jetpack which includes a free Facebook page likes box widget.

If your working with a web designer that uses WordPress, getting free likes on your Facebook page is easy to do. Just install Jetpack for WordPress and enable the Facebook Like box widget.  Complete your options. Features include whether or not you want to show faces, message stream, and your total likes. Then place the widget in a sidebar, homepage or other visible section of your web pages.

Essentially, by putting a like button on your website, you are killing two birds with one stone. Not only is your Facebook page going to receive additional likes, but you’re also going to be adding the much-needed social proof.

7) Identify other opportunities where you can drop the “like” button.

Consider this approach for sign-up forms, login pages, thank you pages, footers of your email messages and so on. Once you start getting free Facebook page likes, you can determine which is the best approach for your business.

8) Get additional exposure from forum and blog posts.

By being active on forums and online discussions, you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. This marketing strategy is useful for promoting your business because you are helping others. People typically appreciate being supported and will almost always return the favor? Why not use this to bring more attention to your Facebook page.

Furthermore, if you make a significant contribution, you will be liked and respected within the community. Other users will be naturally inclined to want to learn more about you and your business. As a result, it will increase the chances of them becoming your Facebook followers.

9) Don’t forget to ask for the like.

Sometimes it is not enough to be helpful and give quality advice. Even if you do, people may not automatically search for your Facebook page and give you a “like.” You will need to ask for the like. So don’t forget to ask users to like your Facebook page after you have helped them out or at the end of a great forum post.

10) Posting relevant and engaging content will produce free Facebook page likes.

Perhaps this section deserves a dedicated article, but just to cover the main idea here, it’s important to mention that your followers typically come to you looking for one thing in particular: high-quality content. It should be relevant and tailored to your audience’s interests (also regarding age groups, education, etc.)  Read this Tips for first-time bloggers article for more on creating helpful content.

Whenever you decide to post a new article on your page, you should also make a post about it on the Facebook page (and other social media if you’re using it). This technique will give them a reason to keep an eye on what you’re doing, and if your content is fantastic, they’ll share it with their friends too (however, asking them to do it doesn’t hurt either).

11) Sharing is caring! Especially if you get free Facebook page likes from it.

Now, don’t limit yourself by posting the content you’ve created exclusively. While this should be a part of the overall equation, linking to content that others have written, as long as it’s relevant and well-written, will motivate your followers to keep coming back for more. After all, your knowledge, personality, and good taste are the main reasons why they’ve decided to become your followers in the first place.

12) Shop the competition and take notes on how they get free Facebook page likes.

If you run out of ideas on what to post, it doesn’t hurt to check what your competitors are doing. The important thing to grasp here is that you shouldn’t create the same posts or link to the same articles. Instead, try to dig deeper into the topic or put your unique spin on things.

Hence reviewing the competition lets you get a general feel for what they’re feeding their followers. If you see it helps them, do something similar, but always put a unique spin on things.

13) A word on Facebook post consistency.

Adopt the mindset that growing your Facebook audience is a marathon and not a sprint. You are unlikely to achieve massive results overnight. However, if you work on increasing your Facebook followers and likes slowly and steadily, good results are bound to follow.

14) Whether you do it yourself our outsource – just make it a priority.

The catch is to focus on things that work and leaving everything else behind. After all, social media marketing requires some serious work and dedication on your part. In fact, many business owners decide to outsource the social media management part of their business, either because they don’t have the time to do it or because they prefer to be doing other things.

It is essential to stick to a schedule and post something at least a couple of times a week. It could end up never getting done if you do it whenever time allows you. In any case, just make sure that the quality of what you post doesn’t diminish merely because of time constraints.

15) Identify your kind of people on Facebook and get them to like you.

Finally, don’t forget to focus on the people who share similar interests. If you are networking or engaging in online discussions to promote your business, you need to target the right audience. Your time is well-spent if you’re addressing the right type of people (in other words, those who are interested in what you have to say).

Conclusion: Get out there and ask for free Facebook page likes.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a couple of tricks on building an audience on Facebook. After this is taken care of and you’re reasonably satisfied with the results, it’s important not to rest on your laurels and keep on going with what’s brought you this far. After all, fans, followers, and potential prospects are the lifeblood of every thriving business.

Once you have mastered marketing on Facebook with one page you might want to look at the benefits of getting more than one Facebook page.

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